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Welcome to Legends Romantic Suites

Enjoy the ambiance of Legends Suites with four distinctive suites as unique as the Legend they represent. We offer a blend of convenience and privacy. A haven for rest and relaxation, Legends Suites is the perfect setting for any special occasion or just a night away. We have four themed suites to choose from.
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Lakota Suite

Experience the Native American heritage in this log cabin suite. Rates starting at $150.

Aces & 8's Suite

Symbolic of Wild Bill's last card hand - a western, cowboy themed log cabin suite. Rates starting at $150.

Oriental Suite

Feel the presence of the Chinese influence upon early Deadwood. A smaller, but very intimate suite. Rates starting at $150.

Bordello Suite

The ultimate honeymoon/anniversary suite. Experience the influence of early brothels in the history of Deadwood. Rates starting at $175.

"Legends is for couples only. We are unable to accommodate children or pets."